Yes, exercise can help people with lupus in several ways. Studies have shown that exercise can help you: 

  • Feel less tired 
  • Improve your body’s ability to use oxygen to make energy 
  • Make it easier to complete your everyday activities and move around  
  • Prevent other health problems 


Doctors recommend exercising between 2½ and 5 hours each week. You can break this up however works best for you. For example, you could exercise for 30 minutes on 5 days of the week. Or you could exercise for 1 hour 3 days per week. It may take time to build up the strength to do 2½ to 5 hours of exercise each week. Even if you can’t exercise for that long, any amount of physical activity is better than none. Even light exercise can have health benefits.  


Some types of exercise may not be for you. Finding a type of physical activity that you enjoy can help make exercising less of a chore. Try to make an exercise routine that works well for you and that you enjoy. Exercise gets easier the more you do it and can help make you feel stronger. Work up to the suggested amount of exercise each week by building up strength over time. 


Check with your doctor before starting a new or high intensity exercise program. If you have been inactive for a long time, a doctor or physical therapist can help you plan to build up your activity slowly and safely. 


Moving can get your lupus symptoms improving! 


woman exercising