There are a couple of ways you can help manage your blood sugar while you’re getting chemotherapy: 

  • Check your blood sugar more frequently 
  • Make a plan with your diabetes doctor before your chemotherapy starts 
  • Talk to your diabetes doctor if your sugars run high or low – your medications may need to be adjusted  
  • Take your diabetes medications as prescribed 
  • Follow your sick day management plan on days when you feel too sick to eat – if you don’t have one, call your doctor to make one 
  • Try to eat a healthy diet and get exercise, even though you may not feel hungry or you may feel tired 

Cancer treatments can make your blood sugar go up very high or down dangerously low. This can make it hard to manage your diabetes while you’re getting chemotherapy. Make sure to monitor your blood sugar more frequently. Talk to your diabetes doctor before you start chemotherapy so you can make a plan about how to manage your blood sugar while getting cancer treatments.  

 chemo and blood sugar

Keep a watchful eye - chemo can make your sugar low or high!