Yes, if your sugar levels are out of control (too high or too low), it can affect your cancer treatment.   

If your blood sugar levels get so high or low that you need to go to the hospital, this can make you miss or pause your cancer treatments. Missing or pausing cancer treatments means the treatment wont’ work as well. This can lead to your cancer getting worse.  

High blood sugar also puts you at higher risk for getting infections. If your cancer treatment involves surgery, infections can be dangerous after the surgery.  If you get a bad infection, you may need to go to the hospital. This can make you miss or pause your cancer treatments.   

If your blood sugar is too uncontrolled while being treated for cancer, your oncologist may lower, pause, or even stop your cancer treatment until you get your diabetes is under better control.  

It’s very important to watch your blood sugar levels while you’re being treated for cancer. If needed, your diabetes doctor may adjust your diabetes medications to better manage your blood sugar levels so that you can receive the full course of treatment for your cancer.

chemo and blood sugar

Sugar too low or high can make cancer treatments go awry!