Most people who take one extra dose of a statin by mistake will be fine. But if you don’t feel well after taking an extra dose, call your doctor or the Poison Control Center. Most of the medicine in a statin is out of your system by the next day.  Your doctor may want to see how you are doing the next day before recommending that you resume your regular scheduling.

Alarm Clock and Pill Box

Here are some good ways to remember to take your medicine every day:

  • Set reminders or alarms on your cell phone or alarm clock
  • Mark off the day in a calendar every time you take a dose
  • Use a day-of-the-week pill box and put it where you can see it easily (be sure it is out of reach of any children)
  • If you have a lot of pills to remember, download a medication reminder tool onto your cell phone, tablet, or computer

If you don't feel okay, call your doctor right away!