Take your beta blocker at the same time every day. Take it exactly as directed by your doctor or pharmacist. The best time of day to take your blood pressure pill may be at night, if that is possible. But no matter what time you choose, remember to take it every day!

Depending on the type of beta blocker you are taking, your doctor may tell you take your pills with food or on an empty stomach. Making a routine will help you take your medicine on time every day. Talk with your doctor about what might work best for you.

 A recent study compared people who took their blood pressure pill at night with people who took it first thing in the morning. Those who took them at night had lower blood pressure readings. They also had about half as many heart attacks, strokes, and other heart problems during the 6-year follow-up period. This is compared to people who took their medicine in the morning. The higher your risk of a heart attack, the bigger the effect of nighttime dosing will be. In actual numbers, this means that a person who has a one in ten chance of having a heart attack taking their blood pressure pill in the morning, will have a one in 20 chance of having a heart attack if they take their pill at night.

Doctors think that blood pressure control while you sleep may be even more important for your health than during the day. Talk to your doctor about the best time of day to take your blood pressure pill.

Same time every day, that’s the way!

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