A personalized therapeutic trial is a research trial design. It is a trial designed for just one person – you. It is also called an “N-of-1 trial”. It can find out a medicine’s benefits and side effects specific to you. Although medicines can help your medical conditions, they can sometimes make you feel worse. Your doctor may not know how a medicine will affect you. They may suggest you take part in a personalized trial. This can help you both make a more informed decision about what is best for you.

A personalized trial is different from a traditional trial. A traditional trial studies many people. In a personalized trial, you are the only participant. This type of trial can help find out how a drug affects you specifically. A traditional trial cannot do this. It can only tell you how a drug might affect the average person with your condition.

In a personalized trial, you may be given different amounts of a medicine. This can test which amount is best for you. You may also be asked to stop the medicine for some time to see how you feel without it. Throughout the process, your health is watched. This way your doctor collects important information and ensures your safety.

Your doctor reviews the information gathered from your personalized therapeutic trial with you. Together you can decide which medications and dosages benefit you the most.

A personalized trial is all about you!