A ketogenic diet (also called the “keto diet”) is a diet that helps your body make ketones. Ketones are a special molecule that the body makes when you don’t eat for a long time. Ketones act as a replacement for sugar. Ketogenic diets were originally created to treat seizures (uncontrollable shaking) but now they are being tested for other diseases. The keto diet discussed here is not the popular fad diet currently promoted in books and on the web.

In the medical ketogenic diet, you eat a lot of fat. About 90% of your calories are from fat and your protein and carbohydrate intake is very low on the keto diet.

Recommended foods include:

  • olive oil
  • butter
  • cream

Doctors and scientists are now studying the ketogenic diet to see if it can help treat cancer or help people lose weight, but that is not why it was created.